Top 20 Best English Medium School in Dhaka 2024

Top 20 Best English Medium School in Dhaka 2024! An English medium school is a type of educational institution where the primary language of instruction is English. In these schools, students are taught various subjects in English, and the curriculum is often designed to meet international educational standards. The use of English as the primary medium of instruction is a distinguishing feature of these schools.

Best English Medium School in Dhaka 2024

Best English Medium School in Dhaka

Maple Leaf International School

Maple Leaf International School is situated in Dhaka. The exact location is- Road no 95, 11A, Dhaka. It is one of the greatest English medium schools in Bangladesh from an early stage.

They started their journey in 1972. This school mainly follows the British curriculum. Students can choose one group among 3 groups. O level and A level both are available here. If a student wants to be admitted to this school, he should be eligible in the admission process.

Scholastica School

Scholastica School is located in 3/D, Road 2/A, Block J, Baridhara, Dhaka. This school was founded by Mrs. Yasmeen Murshed in 1977. In this school their main curriculum is English, but they also teach Bangla equally. This school is very famous among the students for their appreciation of doing work for the nation.

International School Dhaka

International School is the oldest school in the country. It’s situated in Bashundhara R/A, E block, Dhaka. It is one of the best English medium schools in Bangladesh. Around 500 students from 25 Countries are learning here.

Willes Little Flower School and College

This school started its journey in 1956 with only 30 students. In this school, both Bangla and English teach equally. At an early age, it was only a higher secondary school but now they also open a college section with their school.

Willes Little Flower School is located in Kakrail, Dhaka. It is one of the leading English medium schools in Bangladesh.

Aga Khan School

Aga Khan School was named by Aga Khan University, Pakistan. It is situated in Road 9, Sector 4, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka. Their contact number is 028959722. This school provides the best teaching process in Bangladesh. They also include co-curriculum activities in their education system. It is very helpful for the students.

Sunnydale School

This school was founded by the Late Abdul Mannan, Zeenat Afroza, and Tazreen Ahmed in 1985. In this school both A level and O level are available. The main motive of Sunnydale School is “not only to educate the children but also to help them develop into confident individuals”. This school is located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Mastermind English Medium School

Mastermind English Medium school located in Dhanmondi 05/12, Dhaka 1209. Their contact number is This school is very reputed for their brilliant results every year.

International Turkish Hope School

This school is situated in Uttara 4/07, Dhaka. International Turkish Hope School was established in 1966.

It is also the best English Medium School in Bangladesh. They have a branch in Chittagong. Both A-level and O-level programs are available here.

European Standard School

European Standard School is situated in Dhanmondi 7A, Dhaka. This school was established in 2001. In terms of being a new school, it is just as good as any other English medium school in Bangladesh.

South Breeze School

South Breeze School was founded in 1986. It has two branches. Dhanmondi and another one in Uttara. From the very beginning of their journey, they have gained a lot of recognition.

Another Top 20 English Medium Schools in Dhaka, Bangladesh List 2024

  1. International School Dhaka (ISD)
    • Location: Bashundhara R/A
    • Info: ISD offers a world-class education, following an American curriculum with an emphasis on critical thinking and global awareness.
  2. Scholastica
    • Location: Various branches in Dhaka
    • Info: Scholastica is known for its academic excellence and extensive extracurricular programs.
  3. Maple Leaf International School
    • Location: Gulshan
    • Info: Maple Leaf provides a comprehensive education with a focus on holistic development.
  4. Mastermind School
    • Location: Dhanmondi
    • Info: Mastermind is renowned for its rigorous academic programs and dedicated teaching staff.
  5. European Standard School (ESS)
    • Location: Lalmatia
    • Info: ESS offers a blend of international and local curriculum, promoting cultural diversity.
  6. Bangladesh International School & College (BISC)
    • Location: Uttara
    • Info: BISC provides a global education with Cambridge International Examinations.
  7. The Aga Khan School, Dhaka
    • Location: Bashundhara R/A
    • Info: Aga Khan School emphasizes quality education and values-based learning.
  8. Australian International School, Dhaka
    • Location: Baridhara
    • Info: AISD offers an Australian curriculum and a focus on student well-being.
  9. South Breeze School
    • Location: Dhanmondi
    • Info: South Breeze emphasizes academic excellence and character development.
  10. Sunbeams School
    • Location: Uttara
    • Info: Sunbeams is known for a child-centered approach to education.
  11. Oxford International School
    • Location: Dhanmondi
    • Info: Oxford International focuses on holistic development and academic excellence.
  12. American International School Dhaka (AISD)
    • Location: Baridhara
    • Info: AISD follows an American curriculum and offers a diverse educational experience.
  13. Dhanmondi Tutorial
    • Location: Dhanmondi
    • Info: Dhanmondi Tutorial is recognized for its academic support and preparation for international exams.
  14. Dhaka International School (DIS)
    • Location: Bashundhara R/A
    • Info: DIS offers a comprehensive education program with a global perspective.
  15. Milestone School
    • Location: Uttara
    • Info: Milestone School focuses on character development and academic excellence.
  16. Green Herald International School
    • Location: Dhanmondi
    • Info: Green Herald promotes a well-rounded education with a global outlook.
  17. Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) School
    • Location: Banani
    • Info: SIT School offers an international curriculum with a focus on technology and innovation.
  18. L’ecole
    • Location: Gulshan
    • Info: L’ecole combines a rigorous academic program with cultural enrichment.
  19. Willes Little Flower School and College
    • Location: Kakrail
    • Info: Willes Little Flower is a well-established institution with a strong academic tradition.
  20. Sir John Wilson School
    • Location: Wari
    • Info: Sir John Wilson School provides a quality English medium education with a rich history.

Other Leading English Medium Schools in Dhaka

Bangladesh International School

Bangladesh School Muscat


British Council

British Standard School

Cephalon International School

Dhanmondi Tutorial



European Standard School

George S. Henry Academy

HEED International School

Hurdco International School


International Education Centre

International Turkish Hope School

Islamic International School

Jewels Oxford International School

Lakehead Grammar School

Little Jwels

London Grace International School

Manarat Dhaka International School

Maple Leaf International School

Marie Curie School

Mastermind School


Oxford International School

Playpen School

QED academy


There are several reasons why people are interested in English medium schools:

Global Perspective: English is considered the global lingua franca, and proficiency in English can open doors to opportunities both in one’s home country and abroad. English medium schools often focus on providing students with the language skills and global perspective needed to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world.

Quality Education: Many English medium schools have a reputation for offering high-quality education. They often follow international curricula and teaching methods, which can be appealing to parents who want their children to receive a rigorous and well-rounded education.

Competitive Advantage: Proficiency in English is often seen as a competitive advantage in many professions. It can help students excel in a wide range of fields, including business, academia, science, technology, and diplomacy.

Access to International Universities: Attending an English medium school can prepare students for admission to universities in English-speaking countries. These schools often provide the educational foundation and language skills needed to excel in higher education abroad.

Cultural Exchange: English medium schools may attract students from diverse cultural backgrounds, fostering a sense of cultural exchange and diversity. This can provide students with a broader perspective on the world.

Networking Opportunities: English medium schools can offer students valuable networking opportunities, both within their country and internationally. Students may form connections with peers and educators from around the world, which can be beneficial in their future careers.

Preparation for Global Careers: English is widely used in international business and diplomacy. For students aspiring to work in multinational companies, international organizations, or diplomatic services, fluency in English is a vital skill.

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