World teachers’ day 2020-Image, photos, picture, Message, Time, Date, quotes.

World teachers’ day 2020-Image, photos, picture, Message, Time, Date, quotes. World teacher’s day know as international teacher’s day. It is held annually on October 5. World teacher’s day is established in 1994. It commemorates the signing of the 1966 Education of Independence. World teachers day celebrated around the world since 1994.the Enesco/ silo Recommendation concerning the status of teachers. It always provides an opportunity to consider teachers and teaching-related issues UNICCO Recommendation concerning the status of higher -Education Teaching personnel.

What is the importance of World Teachers Day?

To celebrate World Teachers’ Day, UNESCO and Education International (EI) have to make teachers understand the world better every year so this is very important.


World teachers' day 2020-Image, photos, picture, Message, Time, Date, quotes.

world Teacher day 2020 message:


  • A good education can change anyone

A good teacher can change everything.


  •  Dear teachers your inspiring world have made a difference in my life

thanks for making me what I am today.


  • You guided and supported me,

thanks for everything teacher the teacher.


  • The way you teach the knowledge you share all time ….The care you take ….

The love you shower….

Make you…the world best…


  • for teaching children lessons,

To help them as they grow,

Let this gift remind you,

You’re the best teacher we know.


  • Dear teacher thanks for being outstanding understanding and caring you proved that learning can bra joyous and is a wonderful teacher wishing you a happy teacher day.


World Teacher day 2020 quotes:

  • A teacher takes a hand,

         Opens a mind

         And touches a heart.


  • What a teacher is,

Is more important

Then what he taught.


  • The best teachers are those

Who shows you where to look?

But don’t tell you what to see.


  • a good teacher is like a candid

It consumes itself

To light the way for others.


  • Teachers encourage

Minds to thanks

Hands to create,

And heard to love.


  • The mediocre teacher tells

The good teacher explains

The superior teacher demonstrates.


  • Teacher presents the past

Reveals the present.

And creates the future.


World Teachers’ Day- Time and Date:

When is years date Days Days way
2018 October 5 Friday 340 day age
2019 October 5 Saturday In 25 days
2020 October 5 Monday In 391 days
2021 October 5 Tuesday In 756 days