Red Nose Day–  15th March Happy Red Nose Day 2020

Red Nose Day–  15th March Happy Red Nose Day 2020

Red Nose Day–  15th March Happy Red Nose Day 2020. Red Nose Day has become an annual tradition in the UK since its founding in 1985 but it has also inspired charities in the US, Australia, and even Germany and Belgium! it is raising money for a huge number of worthy causes including HIV education, female literacy, childhood immunizations, and resources for domestic violence survivors and the elderly in the UK.

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When is the Red Nose Day?

Today is Red Nose Day 2020. Every year, in the United States 15th march is the official celebration date of  Red Nose Day. This is a very popular Special Interest celebration day.

Red Nose Day Status, Wishes, Quotes, Messages,  Sayings:

  • Happy Red Nose Day! Supporting the health, wellbeing, and education of children through our trips is something we are very passionate about at AET! Keep up the amazing work Comic Relief!
  • I am one of those mums. Lol, I forgot today my daughter could wear PJs to nursery for Red Nose Day. After doing my errands I dropped off PJs for her. She was so happy.
  • Happy Red Nose Day! Today, people around Australia are helping to raise funds for life-saving research and education about SIDS. How are you getting involved?
  • To me Africa – and communities therein – was this faraway place; a seemingly impenetrable and quarantined territory of Tarzan approbation, jam-packed with happy-poor children who waited with jittered excitement to co-star in the next installment of Red Nose Day.