Gorur Hat (Online Cow Market) 2021 in Bangladesh


Online Cow (Gorur) Haat 2020 in Bangladesh(BD)


Online Gorur  Hat 2021 in Bangladesh(BD). EID-UL-AZHA , is the best awaited festival of Muslim to commemorate the pure spirit of sacrifice is coming again . All over world all the Muslim are waiting for EID-UL-AZHA ,every year they are all celebrated this Muslim tradition and occasion .

Online Cow (Gorur) Hat 2021 in Bangladesh(BD)

This year EID-UL-AZHA is very different from all the previous years. For the govt. and social restriction from HAAT we won’t able to buy our sacrificial animal, for that online platform to buy and sell was must needed. But now this virtual world there are many online platform to buy and sell sacrificial animal . From this platform the customers can easily find detail information by watching videos and information menu. They can buy according their budget from this online platform. In our Bangladesh , from all over the areas people can buy and sell their animal easily on this online platform . Hopefully everyone will be benefited by buying and selling animal from this online HAAT . We believe there all the animals are organic so you can buy .

There are many of online animal HAAT in Bangladesh right now but daraz Bangladesh is the leading front of these. From here customers can buy the animal as they want and as their budget. Here you can get all the animal like cows have been specially reared by the farm entrepreneurs of Sharper , chatrogram, munsiganj, Camilla . There are available different six=z of cows and price .

From Daraz ,during this Covid-19 pandemic , we are trying our best to meet the needs of the customers by keeping them safe .


In EID-UL-AZHA ,Muslims buy sacrificial animal to keep their commemorate sacrifice past history and obey the all mighty Allah ,s order.  Though this corona interrupt our community communication for that they can not buy their animal from  HAAT .

Last 2019 , December still now 2020 all over the world is stunned by the outbreak  of the pandemic Covid-19 corona virus . Thus , affecting our daily life by getting increasing corona pandemic day by day . Not only our daily life but also our social and religion activities are hampered to its .