Independence Iraqi Day 2020- wishes, Messenger, status, images, messages, quotes

Welcome to Independence Iraqi Day 2020- Happy Independence 2020  Best wishes Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp status, images, messages, quotes, greetings available in this content. The Iraq Kingdom gained independence from the United Kingdom on 3 October 1932 under King Faisal bin Bin Hussein. Iraq became a member of the League of Nations that same day. This special day holds a great deal of importance for the Iraqis and celebrates it as National Day (also known as Independence Day).

How to Celebrate Independence  Day in Iraq?

Iraq National Day 2020 (Iraq Independence Day) will be celebrated with national enthusiasm and enthusiasm all over the country. The Iraqi flag will first be displayed prominently throughout the country, followed by a military and civic parade, and freedom of speech with speeches by government leaders. All offices, banks, businesses, and schools are closed on that day so that citizens can celebrate the independence of their beloved country from Great Britain.

Independence Day Iraq 2020, wish, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp status, images, messages, quotes, greetings

  • Our went through countless sufferings to give us our freedom. Have a Happy Independence Day!
  • We should not let anything divide the idea of Iraq. Happy Independence Day!
  • We got our freedom after a lot of so we should never take it for granted.
  • all-time have the freedom to choose, freedom to dream and freedom to live…Happy Independence Day 2019.
  • Let us salute our motherland this Independence Day. Happy Independence Day Iraq.
  • A great salute to all those who are seeking so much for our freedom!Happy Independence Day Iraq.
  • Happy Independence Day to you and your family all members.


Independence Day Iraq – Time and Date:

     When is years             Date           Days            Days way
     2016         October 3         Monday  1095 days age
     2017       October 3         Tuesday  730 days age
     2018       October 3        Wednesday  365  25 days age
     2019       October 3       Thursday   0 days
     2020       October 3        Saturday  In 365  days