Hug Day – 21st Januray Happy National Hugging Day 2020

Hug Day - 21st Januray Happy National Hugging Day 2020

Hug Day – 21st Januray Happy National Hugging Day 2020

 Hug Day – 21st Januray Happy National Hugging Day 2020. Today is National Hugging Day. Every Year on 21st January National Hugging Day is celebrated United states and all over the World. This is one of the most popular celebrations. Everyone loves a hug! National hugging day!who knew there were health benefits to hugging! I love a good hug. Spread the love, help someone’s health I love a good hug. Anyone need a hug today come find me. Did you know that today is actually National Hugging Day? Hugs can aid mental and physical wellbeing, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and boost the immune system.

 It’s been scientifically proven that hugs can help:

  • Reduce stress by showing support.
  • Protect you against illness.
  • Boost your heart health.
  •  Make you happier.
  •  Reduce your fears.
  •  Reduce your pain.
  •  Communicate with others.

National Hug Day Quotes, Wishes, SMS, Status, Greeting, Text:

  • Give an elderly friend, neighbor or loved one a big hug today to let them know how much they mean to you for National Hugging Day. A simple gesture like this can really help to combat loneliness and lets someone know that they’re loved.
  • Today is National Hugging Day & an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation to family, friends.
  • It’s National Hug Day! A few hugs a day are known to lower stress levels. Our removal service has often been said to do the same! Happy Hugging day 2020!
  • Happy National Hug Day to each and every one of my kind and beautiful friends! Big huge squishy squashy squidgy squeezy hugs to you all! Everyone needs a hug!! So here is my hug to you! Thank you! Much love National Hugging Day.
  • Happy National Hugging Day! Today is dedicated to love and kindness through the power of hugging. National Hugging Day 2020!
  • National Hugging Day occurs on Jan 21 & is officially recognized by the United States Copyright Office. The way to celebrate is by offering a hug to anyone & everyone you want. Hugging releases oxytocin. This hormone provides tremendous health benefits.
  • To all my followers who’ve been with me through the up’s and down’s and let’s face it, the side to side too, I’d like to give each and every one of you a huge hug today on National Hug Day. Thank you to each and every one of you.
  • Today is national hugging day? Bring it in for the real thing. Happy Tuesday!
  • Hugs can be a profound form of communication – this one, found in and at the heart of our city’s ethos, symbolizes reconciliation between two nations after the Second World War. The same sculpture appears in Hiroshima and Berlin National Hugging Day.