Guinea Independence Day 2020 – History, Time, Date, Celebrate

Guinea Independence Day 2019 – History,Time,Date,Celebrate

Hello everyone, welcome to the latest updated information about  Guinea Independence Day 2020– Happy Guinea Independence Day 2020. Wednesday, 2 October 2020, Guinea Independence day. now We are now providing you Guinea Independence Day 2019 Image, Message, Quotes, Picture, SMS, Photo, Wishes, Greetings, and Status.

When is Guinea Independence Day?

Independence Day 2nd October is an official holiday in Guinea. It was Guinea’s national day and on October 2, 1958. the country became an independent republic.

Guinea Independence Day time and Date?

  • This year Wednesday, 2 October 2020.
  • Next year Friday, 2 October 2021.
  • Last year Tuesday, 2 October 2019.

History of Guinean Independence Day

By late 1950, the French Had undergone a Major change in their African policy. A bloody civil war in their North African Colony of Algeria in 1958 Had led to the recall of world war two hero Charles de Gaulle. Soon after taking power De Gaulle Drafted. a radical new French Constitution among other things it proposed independence for France’s African colonies. but structure this in such a way that the former colonies would remain military politically and Economically tied to France.

Guinean Independence Day Celebrate 2020

A Higher Inquiry appearance, and business and transportation disruptions are expected throughout the country during the holiday.