Culture Day Japan 2020-History, Ideas,Quotes!

Culture Day Japan 2019

Culture Day Japan 2020-History, Ideas, Quotes.Happy Culture Day on 3rd November 2019. Bunka-no-Hi” means “Culture Day” in Japanese. This day is a national holiday annually celebrated in Japan on November 3, and the purpose of this holiday is to promote japan culture by loving freedom and peace. It was established in 1948.

when is the Culture Day Japan?

In Japan every year celebrate National culture day on 3rd November.

History of Culture Day Japan?

November 3rd is culture Day. It was designated a national holiday as a day to appreciate peace and freedom. And to promote culture. The holiday has been since the Meiji period and was originally called Meiji sets.
It was the day on which the entire nation celebrated both of the emperor. It has been know as culture Day since 1948.the reason this day became know as culture Day was that an important low was proclaimed on the date.

How to celebrate National Culture Day Japan 2019?


  • Culture day is always that time of the year where we see PB’s diversity of culture magnified in the building. today, come to school in your cultural outfits and represent your roots
  • You can celebrate Culture Day in class.
  • Students can write word problems about their culture to solve classmates