Confederate Memorial Day- (19 Januray) Confederate Memorial Day 2020

Confederate Memorial Day- (19 Januray) Confederate Memorial Day 2020

Today is Confederate Memorial Day. Every year, on 19th January, is officially Celebrates Confederate Memorial Day. Confederate Memorial Day is set in April-October depending on the state, and Lee-Jackson day is always January 19th and only in Virginia. Confederate Memorial Day is a federal holiday. The others are state holidays. State participation is optional, while federal is usually mandated. Confederate Memorial Day. Because memorializing the tragic deaths our country suffered in a civil war can’t be done on Memorial Day. Maybe. Singling out the folks who started it is good. But should be celebrated on April 12, called Atonement Day.

When is the Confederate Memorial day?

Every year on January 19 is officially celebrated as Confederate Memorial Day.

How to Celebrate Confederate Memorial day 2020?

today is Confederate Memorial Day. Did you know that states will be officially celebrating confederate (memorial) day this month? An open white supremacy culture day! Laws are and have been enacted to protect white supremacists images. Status is one of the most popular ways. So, update your confederate Memorial Day Status on Social Media with Hashtag and celebrate this Day.

Confederate Memorial day Wishes, Status Quotes, Messages, SMS:

  • Just found out it’s Confederate Memorial Day in KY, LA, & TN today, so it seems like a good opportunity to note that the south rose up in violent rebellion against a democratically elected government in order to preserve human chattel slavery.
  • In Mississippi Confederate memorial day is still a thing. The state forces African Americans who are state employees to observe Confederate memorial day. Can’t make this up you guys.
  • Happy Birthday, South Carolina. You’re an awful place with abysmal education, infrastructure, and ranked 41 in opportunity. You also acknowledge confederate memorial day as a state holiday and literally make it impossible for poor POC to thrive.
  • I’m surprised you didn’t ‘stupidly say’ “Confederate Memorial Day” you lying, cheating racist.any of various days(especially the fourth Monday in April)on which those who died serving in the Confederate forces are remembered.
  • Tomorrow is the Mayoral Election in Ocala, FL. Mayor Quinn has come under fire for proclaiming April 3rd “Confederate Memorial Day” – despite the city not even existing before the war. He’s facing a challenge from a former Marion County Commissioner. Race is non-partisan